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About Us

Multimedia studio capable of managing multiple kinds of projects; our videogame localization, voice recording, audiovisual and audio editing services have provided us with vast experience and developed a certain passion for what we do.

Our work philosophy has allowed us to form close relationships with our clients and the localization and dubbing community in Mexico. With the goal of providing an immediate and holistic service, we have amassed a pool of translators and reviewers carefully selected due to their vast experience. At the same time, we have also procured an array of more than 300 voice talents and a group of prominent artistic directors in the industry with credits attributed to a wide range of games genres and different studios.


Sireinn Studios' team

From a our seasoned translators and editors, to our most skilled engineer, our team chemistry is an essential part of our workflow.

Our team has worked in important AAA games localizing them for Latin America, among which are several industry award winning titles for our clients. 

We ensure our success by carefully selecting the members of our team and making sure that teamwork communication is always a priority. 

Text Localization

We offer your audience the opportunity to sense the killer’s anxiety, feel the victim’s terror, hear undeclared love and notice the hatred of a lover. Our mission is that you get to live the joy of victory and the despair of defeat

Audio Localization

Localize your game with the ideal voices for your characters! We will help your product cross borders and reach any community around the globe.

Speech recognition and text to speach Database

Providing data resources for AI technology for institutions, colleges and enterprises all over the world.

Video Services

Original videos or localization? We drive your imagination to a visual reality!


Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.


Professionally designed spaces

Our facilities are based in Mexico City's Colonia Narvarte, a modern, well-communicated area with full transportation access.


With 3 professional recording and mixing studios of our own, perfectly suited to fullfill the highest audio quality standards, we're sure we'll be able to seamlessly satisfy your project's needs.

Sound Design

Let us create your ideal world of sound! From cybernetic machines to realistic sea monsters, sound creativity is our middle name.

Audio Books

Bring your words to life with our team of professional narrators and sound engineers! Let us capture the essence of your story and tell it properly. 

TV Spots

 Do you want to make your broadcast unforgettable? By working with us, we can give a unique experience to your audience.

Custom Projects

Let our team bring your ideas to life, whether you need help/support/advice in creativity, process or design.


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Do you want your project to cross borders?

We take pride that our work makes your project global.

Let the potential of your project take off by allowing it to travel in a frictionless manner through the globe.


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